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House Friends

"Everything's About Sex." (Not)

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Welcome to House Friends, a community devoted to exploring, discussing, and appreciating the friendships belonging to the TV show House M.D.. Any and all friendships between the show's characters are welcome here, whether they're "obvious" or not! You are free to post icons, graphics, fanfiction, fanvideos, critique/review, and general discussion about the show, besides friendship discussion.

Note: Please, no romance or sex. This is a community especially made for friendship. If you would like to post something related to a romantic/sexual relationship, please feel free to go to housefic, house_md, or house_slash to start off with. : )

Exception: friendly discussions/debates concerning friendship vs. romance between the characters.

Also: Please, no flames. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please maintain diplomacy and manners and ideally, an open mind. : )
When giving constructive criticism on someone else's writing, keep in mind the key word constructive, which implies content that is helpful and not just negative. ^^

If it is at all possible, try not to use netspeak/grammer. That's just irritating. : )

Community Promotions: Please only advertise another community or website if it is House related. Thank you.

Cuts are for spoilers, fanfiction and large graphics!

Visit our affiliate house_gen for general House fic!