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05 April 2006 @ 10:29 pm
2x16: "Safe"  
Okay, so the most recent episode, aired last night, had a lot going on, and I personally loved it.


Cameron was pretty feisty, with what screen time she had. She made that jibe at Chase in reference to their little sexual experience, hehe. How do you think their working relationship has changed because of that one-night stand, if at all?

In the elevator scene, love how Foreman caved and worked with House in pursuit of that tick. It's been said before, but Foreman's probably the duckling most like House, and even though it seems like House ruffles his feathers a hell of a lot, I think deep down, he's at least got a respect for the guy. And vice versa. Comments?

In general, how much do you think the ducklings care about House and in what ways? And how much do you think House cares about them, as human beings?

Finally, all the House&Wilson stuff! This was a brilliant episode for these two. House smiled twice in this one because of Wilson. I think they made it obvious that House really wants Wilson to stay now, and not just because of the cooking. ;) I think the fact that we could see House already a little happier than usual because of Wilson's presence is a great portrayal of how much Wilson can affect the quality of House's life. We all know House is sarcastic, etc, but I don't think we've ever seen him so playful. I really enjoyed the way it made House happy when Wilson finally lashed back with a prank instead of it pissing him off. And something else: even after all the crap House gave Wilson in this episode, Wilson still helped him get what he wanted in the patient's situation, bought him time in the elevator. Display of loyalty or what? Wilson probably hasn't been more pissed off than in this episode, with the exception of "Autopsy" and a few times, but in the end, he doesn't fail in meeting House's needs when no one else can.

I'm not sure where this is going, but I really hope it lasts somehow. I know at the end of the episode, House asked Wilson if he was leaving and Wilson said "eventually" -- but maybe they'll work something out. Maybe House will be a little more considerate, and Wilson will have a little more patience for the sake of keeping House happier.

I know for the slashers, this episode has probably been deemed the "slashiest" or the one with the most "subtext" in the universe, without actually having a kiss. I never see subtext in anything that goes on between House&Wilson, and I'm most happy for this episode to have so much friendship content that I can enjoy. What do you think about the House&Wilson stuff here? Evidence of slash? Subtexty? Or not?

purridot on April 6th, 2006 03:45 pm (UTC)
I can see where slash fans (and, I admit, I am one of them, but I like friendship-only stuff equally well) could see some subtext in this episode. However, what struck me most of all in this episode was really the depth of the guys' friendship.

I have a theory that House allows himself to be friends with Wilson because Wilson is one of the few people (or maybe the only person, besides House's mom) who doesn't want House to change. Almost everyone else thinks House "shouldn't say this!" and House "shouldn't do that!". But not Wilson! He doesn't mind House's snarky comments and actually supports his unconventional way of treating patients. (Not that he lets him get away with everything -- as in the "Go to hell!" comment re: Andie). This episode clearly shows this; other people might have been pissed off at House's pranks but Wilson doesn't really mind that much; yes, he complains, but if he really wanted to leave, he totally could. But he obviously doesn't want to. He enjoys House's company for what it is -- unpredictable but entertaining.

I don't think sex (while very nice) is the most powerful connection two people can have -- I think a deep friendship is. A true friendship can be satisfying intellectually and emotionally. (And is a good basis for a romantic relationship, if the physical attraction is there too). It is a magical moment when you realize you have a One True Friend, who is on your side "against the world", no matter what, not because he/she has to out of some sort of obligation, but because he/she *wants* to. And that person appreciates your view of the world, and even shares it.

I find House at his most interesting when we get to see him react in different ways to different people. I think he treats the ducklings callously, he is strangely rude/familiar with Cuddy, he was needy/manipulative with Stacy, and he is arrogant/determined with the patients -- but Wilson is the only person he treats with any kind of real compassion and playfulness. As CagedWriter has pointed out, House gets a certain kind of private smile on his face when Wilson amuses him, very different from his usual sarcastic grin/sneer.

I think House would be devastated if something happened to Wilson. While I *would* like to see in on the show, I admit (I'm a sucker for melodrama) I don't want the writers to play that card quite yet... THANK GOD FOR FANFIC!
purridot on April 6th, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
Edited to add: It just struck me that *possibly* one of the reasons why Wilson keeps remarrying/having affairs is that he has never met a woman who is his best friend the way House is. During the scene where he discusses his affairs with Cameron, *possibly* he could be referring to House when he says, "I met someone who made me feel good..." etc., but not in reference to wanting a romantic relationship with House, necessarily, but wishing he could find a woman who makes him feel that way (thus combining the intellectual and emotional connection with the physical); so he keeps looking...